Consulting Services

Strategy Coaching

How to implement in an almost unknown environment!

Intercultural Management

How to get joint teams to the best results! How to avoid misconceptions in project work and create a winning team! Leading by example through embedded experts who guide and contribute in the same time.

Customer Service

How to be close to your customer as well as efficient and effective in your industry to drive customer success!

Is your Customer Service depending on spare parts too?
Make sure you can deliver - else you won't sell!

Supply Chain Management

How to win in Total Cost of Ownership longterm and enjoy quick wins too!
Think of procurement not just about spending money but saving! How to succeed in a sellers market!


How to find the reliable partner for your project or
the continuous demand for production material and spare & wear parts!


How to release the potentials of advanced logistic concepts beyond on time «box moving»!

IT – Security

Time is money and you know how to save it – but data will be even more money.
So how to make them safe and secure too!

Smart Data

How to correlate your proven business experience with scientifically fact based methods of business data analysis and turn them into business intelligence!

Business operations

How to set up and maintain a compliant legal framework!
How to manage sufficient accounting and meet the bookeeping standards! Review your Value Chain and benefit from financial services, customs services and our expertise in import and export!


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ABFS Consulting GmbH
CH-8305 Zürich/Dietlikon



Contact us

ABFS Consulting GmbH
CH-8305 Zürich/Dietlikon